Recent finds

I thought I might round up a few things I’ve seen lately around the Internet:

This article about what motherhood should look like.

Another article on raising children Biblically.

Drooling over this chair and wishing I could have it for our porch!

Thinking about painting my dining room a daring cobalt blue!

Wishing I had a girl so I could do her nursery like this. I don’t think Ben would go for pink walls, haha!

That’s all for now!

Right now I’m thinking and dreaming about our new house and it’s endless possibilities! Soon I’ll be doing a post on my current ideas and color pallets!


Our first move

We are basically finished moving into B’s parents house for our 2 week + stay! We are so thankful that they are opening their home to us! There were many trips from the old (!!) house out here but beside a few things, we are finally done! *insert big exhale*

BabyFox and I are figuring out what the new normal is for our days out in the country! We have been taking walks and playing in the backyard a lot! Praise the Lord the weather has been AMAZING this weekend… Maybe I AM ready for fall to come!

We are very ready for Ben to have a day off to relax (Wednesday!). In the meantime, we will be cleaning an already clean house, reading lots, and getting some fresh air! (Oh and fighting new allergies 😁) and maybe baking some too!


Baby’s got moves!

 Playing at the park with friends.

Goofy faces!

What do you mean you’re not comfortable?!

Chilling while mom and dad do an inspection of the new house!


Selfie stick!


Someone climbed into the sink and turned on the water all by himself….

And….not so pretty… Emptyi


Hi there! I have decided to begin documenting our lives in this busy time so far away family and friends can know what’s going on! In this season we are: raising a toddler, Ben’s going to school and working full time, woodworking on the side, and we are buying a house!



T-8 days until we move out of our current rental 😦 and into Ben’s parents for a few weeks until we close on our house on the 28th. Our lives are full of packing and purging and canceling utilities. All the fun details 😉 We are excited to be starting a new chapter but are sad (at least I am!) to be leaving the home we brough BabyFox home to! He is none the wiser right now, “helping” me pack and playing with tape!

On this blog I may also post some other things I am thinking or find interesting, along with updates from the North Walnut Shop!

Thanks for reading!