Griffin’s Birth Story


Here is the story of the birth of our beautiful 2nd son.

My due date was Sunday, July 10th, but that date came and quickly went with nothing to show for it. That week my parents came to wait out the baby with me, and ended up leaving to tend to things at home since there was no sign of him coming soon.


My mom came back on Saturday the 16th, knowing it had to be some time that week. I had an appointment scheduled for the 19th, and were going to schedule an induction if he didn’t come by himself before then.


On Sunday I woke up having contractions, so I timed them and prayed it was the real deal. Ben was working, so my mom, Haddon and I skipped church (who wants to try and sit still while having contractions?!), and went to Starbucks and Target to try and walk the baby out. By early afternoon the contractions stopped completely. I was bummed.


The next day, Monday, July 18th, I woke up with contractions again. I obsessively timed every single one. I wanted to try to do med free so I purposed to labor at home as long as possible. I was also nervous it was a false alarm. We went down town to walk around and try to keep the contractions going, then to Ken’s Pizza since many people claim that puts you into labor. When the contractions didn’t disappear that afternoon, I knew it would be that night.

Ben had a softball game at 7:30 so I sent him and Haddon, knowing we would head to the hospital when he got home. While he was gone I got in the shower which was my best idea ever. I wish I had known the pain-relieving qualities of water when I was in labor with Haddon! Mom also went to get us some ice cream, which is never a bad idea. Ben got home, and brought his parents with him so his dad could take Haddon for the night. They left, and Jeannie would come back later with her own car, since her and my mom were to be in the delivery room. Ben hopped in the shower and I gathered last minute things for the hospital.

(By the way, Ben won his softball game, and the guys thought it was pretty funny he was there while I was in labor).

Ben and I hopped in the van, stopped at the gas station so Ben could grab a sandwich and some energy drinks (poor guy hadn’t eaten anything). We sat in the van in the parking lot while he ate, then headed in.

We got to the hospital at 9:30, got up to the first room. I told the nurse I was nervous i wasn’t dilated at all. She checked, and said “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!” because I was already at a 5! We went into my actual room and I hopped right into the shower. I labored in there on and off until I was at a 9 and felt pressure. The pain was intense.


I got into the bed and tried different positions, but the baby did not like me standing or on my knees. I was obnoxiously loud, and was pretty sure the people next door were going to ask for me to be quiet. Ben, my mom, and Jeannie also laughed at me because I was saying “no, no, no” repeatedly. I told them we would be discussing their laughter tomorrow, haha! Ben was my saving grace, he did counter pressure on my back the entire time, mostly because I yelled at him when he would let go to stretch his hands. Sorry babe! Pulling on a towel helped as well (thanks to both Ben and Jeannie whose arms were surely sore by the end of it). My mom helped with ice chips and cool cloths on my forehead! I loved having them all in there.

Unfortunately my contractions continued to worsen but I regressed in dilation back to a 8-9. It was now that I decided to get an epidural around 2am. Unlike with my epidural with Haddon, I literally felt nothing and was finally was able to rest. An hour later the nurse checked me again and said it was already time to push! I was shocked. We began pushing around 3:15. He was born eyes wide open and didn’t cry for a few minutes. He was breathing, just was looking around the room.



He was 8 lbs 9 oz, (2 oz more than Haddon, which surprised me-I expected him to be close to 9 lbs) and 20 inches long.


We tried to nurse, then decided to go ahead with the bath to make him cry more. He needed to cry to get the rest of the fluid out of his lungs. Afterward he nursed again, and nursed well! He was awake until about 5:45 then finally let me put him down to sleep and get some rest.


Our moms and Haddon came back the next morning so Haddon could meet his little brother! He was a little nervous and didn’t know what to think, but he loves him!


Special thank you to Jeannie, who was up for 24 hours, slept for a few, then watched Haddon all morning the next day, and my mom who also lost a lot of sleep then took over watching Haddon for the rest of our stay at the hospital, not to mention cooked for us and filled our fridge and freezer! Love you both!


Meeting his grandpa! ^^IMG_0114IMG_0132

trying to get some rest, ha! ^^


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