Handmade Christmas

This year for Christmas, we are trying to cut down on toys for Haddon (3). He has enough, and basically only plays with cars and blocks. Many of the family is giving him craft supplies and board games that will last him for years.

That left me thinking, what can WE give him?! We typically do something he wants, needs, something to wear and to read, but those ideas aren’t coming to us as readily. So this year we decided to do a few handmade gifts that will promote creativity!

Here are a few homemade gifts we are considering making for him:

1) Play dough

2) Play dough Kit

3) Finger Puppets

4) Superhero Cape

5) Superhero Mask

6) Gak


7) Shaving cream for the bathtub (not homemade, but Haddon loves bath time, so anything bath related will be a hit!)

8) Fish pillow (Not so sure of my sewing skills, but I may try!)

I’m still looking around for ideas, but I think he will be pleased with any of these!


Haddon’s Birth Story (3 years later)

Monday, October 21,2013 -4:30 am, I woke up having contractions. I got an app on my phone and started timing them: 50 seconds each and already 2 minutes apart! I laid in bed wondering if it was really happening or if they’d go away! (At 5:30 I had a few oatmeal cookies I had made that weekend, they would end up being the only thing I ate for 21 hours! Big mistake!)

At about 6:15 I woke Ben up (his alarm was set for 6:30 because he had class that day). I ended up calling the hospital to see if I should come in, and they told me to call my OB. I called and ended up talking to the Dr. on call and he said to go in. So we hopped in the shower and got everything ready (last minute items for the hospital bag!)

We left the house around 7:30 and I called Jeannie and my mom to let them know we were on our way! I also called Alicia and Amber (my sisters)(and wished Amber a happy birthday! She hoped Haddon would be born that day so they could share a birthday!). Jeannie said she would head right in to meet us there!

We got to the hospital and the contractions started being hard enough that I had to stop to breathe through them. They checked me in and, of course, got me a wheelchair much to my dismay! We went up to the L&D unit and they took me into the triage room, where there was also another couple. The nurse came in and asked me what was happening and I told her about the contractions. She witnessed me go through one and realized I was serious! We heard her out in the hallway say to another nurse that I seemed to really be laboring through the contractions (duh!). She came right back in and told me they were just going to take me straight to a room.

We got to the room and I put on the lovely gown and belly band! The nurse checked to see if I was dilated and I was to a 3 (last apt was 1cm and 90% effaced)


At some point our pediatrician came in and wished us luck, and also encouraged me about getting the epidural (I was trying to go as long as possible without one, but wasn’t against getting one!) My OB came in and checked on me too. There was a nursing student in the room throughout the day as well. I dilated very slowly, by noon I was only a 4.5/5 I think.

By 12/12:30 I was begging for the epidural (and some food, but Ben was staying strict to their orders!). The CRNA came in and gave me my epidural. I sat on the edge of the bed and Ben put his hands on my shoulders. I don’t remember it being painful, but I do remember what it sounded like… Ben said the needle was huge and she pushed it in really hard and really deep. Apparently one of the nursing students almost passed out. Once the epidural set in I was feeling good! It seemed to affect my right side more than the left so I laid on my left side a lot. 

Around 1:30 the Dr. came in and broke my waters. I couldn’t feel anything but a lot of liquid! That was supposed to get me dilating quicker, but I don’t think it did.

I slowly progressed the rest of the afternoon and evening. They eventually put me on Pitocin for 30 minutes, but took me off after Haddon didn’t respond well. Around 10 my epidural wore off the left side. It was awful. I was clutching onto the left bed rail. Poor Ben kept trying to hold my hand to help me through it. I called the nurse in and told her I needed more meds ASAP. by 11ish the CRNA came in and gave me more and shortly I was good again!

Around 11:45 it was time to start pushing! They told me first time mom’s average push time is two hours! Yikes. Jeannie said when she had her kids they pushed 3 times and they were out. Dr. told me to wait for a contraction and push 3 times, holding each one for 10 seconds. The “ring of fire” held true… it was painful. There was such an intense pressure, it all I could think of. I was so exhausted that I would relax after my 3 pushes and fall asleep. It felt as if I was in a delirium. Jeannie and Ben kept telling me how good I was doing, and so did the Dr. Always “you’re doing good” or “almost done” but never really telling me how far I had to go. Ben and Jeannie couldn’t help but watch the whole thing even though Ben didn’t want to at first!


Finally they could see his head! Dr. asked if I wanted to reach down and touch his head. I believe I did and was grossed out. HA! Next it was “EYEBROWS!!” I think at least Jeannie was crying at this point but I’m pretty sure Ben was too! And the pushing wore on… I kept telling Ben I couldn’t do it anymore and wanted to stop, it really was hard. I remember hoping I’d tear so that it would be easier to get the rest of the baby out! (And I could definitely tell when I tore, it did make it easier!) Once his head was out Dr. had me wait a second, and then one last push and she pulled him out. Ben cut the umbilical cord (once he got the tears out of his eyes) and I held him. 

Haddon weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 20in long.



We had to stay in the hospital a few extra days because Haddon was born with a fever. Thankfully he ended up having no infection. He looked so sad and cute with a board and IV attached to his arm!

He was beautiful (and is still beautiful 3 years later)!