Handmade Christmas

This year for Christmas, we are trying to cut down on toys for Haddon (3). He has enough, and basically only plays with cars and blocks. Many of the family is giving him craft supplies and board games that will last him for years.

That left me thinking, what can WE give him?! We typically do something he wants, needs, something to wear and to read, but those ideas aren’t coming to us as readily. So this year we decided to do a few handmade gifts that will promote creativity!

Here are a few homemade gifts we are considering making for him:

1) Play dough

2) Play dough Kit

3) Finger Puppets

4) Superhero Cape

5) Superhero Mask

6) Gak


7) Shaving cream for the bathtub (not homemade, but Haddon loves bath time, so anything bath related will be a hit!)

8) Fish pillow (Not so sure of my sewing skills, but I may try!)

I’m still looking around for ideas, but I think he will be pleased with any of these!


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